Service Reviews

Service Reviews

Helping to meet the challenge to provide quality services

Councils are challenged to provide quality services that meet value for money cost standards and be responsive to community expectations.

CT Management Group Service Reviews have regard to the Service Performance Principles outlined in the Draft Local Government Act which guide how services should be planned and delivered to communities in the future.

Services should be provided in an equitable manner and be responsive to the diverse needs of the municipal community:

  • Services should be accessible to the members of the municipal community for whom the services are intended
  • Quality and costs standards for services set by the Council should provide good value to the municipal community
  • A Council should seek to continuously improve service delivery to the municipal community in response to performance monitoring
  • Service delivery must include a fair and effective process for considering and responding to complaints about service provision

Service Review Projects are undertaken by skilled Associates and cover key areas of stakeholder engagement, service analysis, performance measurement reporting and final reporting which will include systems and processes, service delivery model and recommendations for future direction.

An important aspect of the CT Management Group approach to Services reviews is the active involvement of key staff in the review in order that they have a detailed understanding of the issues and have ownership of the outcomes.

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