GIS Audit And Data Consolidation Program

GIS Audit and Data Consolidation

Interactive data management for effective Asset Management

Good data in a user friendly format is an integral part of competent asset and services management for Local Government. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is the ideal system for visualising, storing, accessing and managing that data.

CT Management Group has developed an Audit and Data Consolidation Program which ensures your GIS data is accurate and up to date.

It also ensures consistency of data across your systems.

Our audit process compares data in your asset management and geographic information systems to identify inconsistencies.

We then work with your Council to address these inconsistencies by developing an action plan that:

  • identifies and prioritises tasks
  • calculates the time needed to correct the inconsistencies

Our program provides a link between your asset database and spatial system to ensure the data remains consistent between the systems.

CT Management Group will tailor your GIS Audit and Data Consolidation Program to suit your Council’s needs.

We can provide complete GIS management services through our Bureau Service CT Connect providing round-the-clock links for Council staff via our secure cloud-based platform.

This includes full in-field surveys for complete data collection as well as supportive mentoring and staff training.

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