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Professional Placements

Professional Placements

The skilled professionals to quickly fill your temporary job vacancy

When you have an interim position you need to fill immediately or a specific project that requires an expert fixed term or ongoing contractor, it is important that the work continues to flow and the role stays in capable hands.

CT Management Group has an expert team of Associates with extensive experience in all Local Government disciplines.

Our Associates love their jobs – they are passionate, professional Local/State Government people.

When choosing CT Management Group for your professional placement needs, you can be assured your specially matched Associate has many years of experience in the role and the sector.
CT Management Group is the pre-eminent specialist in Local/State Government professional placements.

We have been placing Associates into Council’s and State Government on a short and long term basis for over 23 years, and know how important it is to find the right person for the job.

Whether you have a position left vacant by resignation, retirement or promotion, need to cover maternity, long service or annual leave, or you simply need some extra help during times of peak workload, CT Management Group can help.

CT Management Group has assembled a skilled group of Associates in all areas of Council operations.

Our Associates are experienced in all disciplines of the sector. We can provide a professional at any level – Officer, Coordinator, Manager, Director, CEO / General Manager.

At CT Management Group, we establish your needs and align them with an Associate who has the skills and competencies to fulfil the position.

Our Professional Placements solutions include: