Innovation meets Experience

Experience meets innovation

For over 23 years CT Management Group has provided high quality consultancy services and innovative products to Local Government and the public and corporate sectors.

Our products are proven and provide practical, technology-driven and cost-effective solutions that are supported by our years of experience, specialist knowledge and skills.




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Capital Works Evaluator (CWE)

Designed to evaluate competing eligible capital works projects, the Capital Works Evaluator (CWE) is logical, easy to use and facilitates the management and prioritisation of Council’s capital works program. The CWE subjects all eligible capital works projects to an objective business case analysis based on the information input for each project including: Budgeted project expenditure […]

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Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP)

Designed to improve financial planning methodologies and highlight the importance of key strategies, our Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) supports Council’s Budget and Strategic Resource Plan. Comprehensive long term financial planning is at the core of any well managed Local Government organisation. To complement and build on your financial strategies, CT Management Group has developed […]

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Service Cost Evaluation Model (SCEM)

Our Service Cost Evaluation Model (SCEM) provides Councils the opportunity to undertake Service Planning ultimately to develop a sustainable service offering to the community. Services provided by Council consumes 75% of operating expenditure. CT Management Group’s SCEM enables Council to identify its range of services and then define affordable levels of service. It establishes the […]

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Financial Ratios – Victoria

We service in excess of 30 Councils with financial ratio benchmarking information. The CT Management Group Financial Ratios Package is prepared using the most up to date financial year end accounts. The financial ratio analysis provides benchmarks of Council’s financial performance across a wide range of financial ratios. The total package incorporates 71 financial ratios […]

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Strategic Resource Plan (SRP)

A key medium term financial plan summarising resource forecasts over at least a four year term and forming part of the Council Plan (Vic only). The Strategic Resource Plan Template brings the data and the financial policies of Council together in the most comprehensive document available in the sector.

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CT Connect

Connecting Councils to Data and Services CT Management Group introduces the next STEP for supporting data and asset management for Regional and Rural Councils with our comprehensive GIS & Data Support Service –  CT Connect. Every Council is unique and has different requirements.  CT Management Group can provide a range of support services including: Asset […]

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