CT Connect

Connecting Councils to Data and Services

Connecting Councils to Data and Services

CT Management Group introduces the next STEP for supporting data and asset management for Regional and Rural Councils with our comprehensive GIS & Data Support Service –  CT Connect.

Every Council is unique and has different requirements.  CT Management Group can provide a range of support services including:

  • Asset data capture
  • Asset data validation
  • Ensuring Data integrity within the GIS and AM systems
  • Validate and update GIS linkages to other corporate systems (ie AM, finance and property datasets)
  • Development of additional spatial displays (GIS Layers) of data to underpin strategic decisions.

CT Connect is a flexible cloud-based platform and has the following features:

  • A cloud-based service hosted by a reputable and reliable vendor
  • Software vendor independent
  • CT Connect can provide GIS, asset and condition data in various formats to suit the most popular vendor financial and asset management systems
  • Secure access by a Council via ‘web’ interface to access various data/services
  • Provides Councils with a menu of services/tools that can be purchased as and if required
  • Access to a library/knowledge base, benchmarking data etc
  • Promotes shared services  for Councils.


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