Financial Ratios – Victoria

Financial Ratios – Victoria

We service in excess of 30 Councils with financial ratio benchmarking information.

The CT Management Group Financial Ratios Package is prepared using the most up to date financial year end accounts. The financial ratio analysis provides benchmarks of Council’s financial performance across a wide range of financial ratios. The total package incorporates 71 financial ratios across 8 categories as listed below:

  • Victoria Auditor General Office
  • Revenue
  • Expenditure
  • Financial Performance
  • Capital
  • Debt
  • Miscellaneous – capacity to pay
  • Financial Performance Indicators (LGPRF)

The ratio package incorporates a traffic light dashboard indicator table, a history tab where the previous year’s results are detailed enabling visual examination of trends.

With respect to the 71 comparative ratios charts, your Council is compared to like Councils category and highlighted in yellow which details where Council benchmarks. We also detail your benchmark against the average of your Council category.

The current Financial Ratios released annually in January will provide individual Council historical data for all benchmark ratios from 2008 onwards.

The Financial Ratios package also provides flexible benchmarking against all Councils and Council Groups in Victoria.

Specific Council groups are available on request.


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